Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inside Decoration Pictures

I wanted to add these to the Fall Tour of Homes post i'd already made, however, that seemed like a big job with lots of work so I decided to just make a new post. So, if you're here for the Fall Tour of Homes, please also scroll down to the post called Fall Tour of Homes for a look at all my outside decorations which you can't miss!

These last two are additions to my outside decor that I wanted to share. Enjoy! Don't forget to look at my other post with all the outside decorations!


starflake said...

Those two witches next to the candle are so adorable. I love the alternating pumpkins and mums on the stairs. A great way to greet guests or return home. :)

Cathy Miller said...

Very festive! Thanks for participating!!

Cathi said...

The house looks wonderful. I don't see how you find the time.