Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yard Setup for 2008 Halloween

I've been giving it alot of thought lately and kind of have a rough draft of what I want to do in front of my house. I have alot of steps so I will alternate a luminary and then a pumpkin going all the way up. On the landing there will be a witch and a scarecrow sitting having some gruesome looking concoction. By my front door will be big pumpkins on a little table.

I have several yard stakes that will be placed around the edge of my brick flower beds. There will be cobweb strung on the railings with big spiders in them. Bat lights will line the long flower bed that faces the street and inside the front window. I have a sign that will hang from a lamp post on my porch. I will have my ghost ring in the yard around the big tree, as well as, floating ghosts hanging from the tree branches. Tombstones will make a small graveyard and there may just be a few bones sticking out of the ground.

This year I plan on letting the kids paint pumpkins and decorate them however they want. I'm still debating the idea of making a spooky scene in my garage. I'm leaning toward not doing it because I think it would be too much work without Chad here to help me, but we'll see.

Anyway, these are the tentative plans I have so far and they are definitely subject to change.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy June GPD!

Sometimes I use both the 13th and the 3oth or 31st for my GPD because it allows me more time to prepare for Halloween. This month, however, i'll be out of town on the second GPD. Today i'm hoping to get started sketching and planning how I want my front yard to be decorated this year. This will be my first and last Halloween in this house so I want to have it planned and easy to set up.

I have lots of stairs leading up to my front door with a little landing in the middle. I also have several flower beds and lots of yard and a few trees. I am playing with the idea of opening up my garage and making it a scene of some sort. So, I need to make a sketch and start trying out ideas. Hopefully i'll be back later to share some of them with you.